St Lucia Land Cover 2014

  • Title: St Lucia Land Cover 2014
  • Abstract:

    This land cover map for Saint Lucia was generated in 2015 by Colm J Jordan, Stephen Grebby, Tom Dijkstra, Claire Dashwood and Francesca Cigna (British Geo...

  • Publication Date: April 11, 2016, 10:13 a.m.
  • Type: Raster Data
  • Keywords: Saint Lucia Land cover land use
  • Category: Environment
  • Regions: Saint Lucia
  • Owner: lucia
  • Point of Contact: lucia
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  • Purpose:

    For the EOWorld 2 ESA project and for the CHARIM project (

  • Language: English
  • Temporal Extent: Jan. 1, 2014 - Jan. 1, 2015
  • Data Quality: Compared to the existing maps, the new land use/land cover maps derived for this service represent an order of magnitude increase in terms of spatial resolution — increasing from 30m to 2m. As a result, the new maps provide much more detailed information on the distribution of the different land use/land cover types in the AOIs. Moreover, a number of significant errors (due to misclassification) in the existing maps have been corrected in the new maps. Nevertheless, a relatively minor degree of confusion between inherently similar land use/land cover types (particularly vegetation) does persist. Overall, the results demonstrate the potential to utilize high-resolution satellite imagery to produce detailed and accurate land use/land cover maps more efficiently than through an equivalent field-based survey. The land use/land cover maps produced provide detailed information in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The products are equivalent to a map scale of approximately 1:10,000. The accompanying vector layers of water bodies, rivers and streams and the basic road network were also mapped at 1:10,000 scale. Accordingly, the intended scale for use of these data is 1:10,000, and so may not be representative at finer scales. The land use/land cover maps provide 100% coverage of the AOI, however the vector layers are fragmented due to cloud and shadow obscuring the ground in the Pleiades satellite imagery. Overall, the new land use/land cover maps represent a considerable improvement on the existing 30m maps. The land use/land cover maps can be used to determine spatial correlations with landslide occurrences . Such analysis is useful in establishing whether specific land use/land cover types are more prone to landslide events, and can thus be used as input, alongside the DEMs to derive landslide susceptibility maps for St. Lucia and Grenada. Additionally, the DEMs can also be used in conjunction with the water surface features mapped to model the flood risk in both St. Lucia and Grenada. Furthermore, the land use/land cover maps could be readily turned into impervious layers, which can also be incorporated in flood risk analysis. Beyond the scope of this project, the land use/land cover information can be used for a wide spectrum of uses. For example, the maps could be used for planning purposes, asset management and in developing forestry management strategies. The data can also be used to monitor change over time. Some broader applications of the DEMs could include forestry management, the planning of new transport infrastructure (i.e. roads and railways), and natural resource exploration
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